18 Ways to Stick to Your Workout Routine

Do you want to shed a few pounds and get that lean and mean body? Do you plan to improve your cardiovascular health and muscle strength? If so, you need to set a workout routine that meets your fitness level and weight-loss goals.

Unfortunately, survey shows that an estimated 50% to 75% of people who commit to exercising resolutions often give up before attaining their goals.

What can you do to stick to your fitness resolution and achieve your goals? Here are 18 insightful ways you could try. 

1. Make Gradual Steps

Doing too much exercising or engaging in a fast-paced routine may lead to burning out and exhaustion. You can get sore, discouraged, and even get injured. 

To avoid all these, ease into your work out slowly. There is no need to rush. Increase the intensity and period of exercising as your body adjusts to your routine. 

2. Variety Is the Spice of Life!

Doing the same exercises each day and in the same order may become boring with time. To make your workouts enjoyable, you should mix up your workouts. Changing the routine allows you to exercise different body muscles and break the boredom.

3. Avoid What You Hate

If you find yourself developing some hatred for specific workout routines, you should avoid them and do what is appealing to you.

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If you don’t like jumping the rope, then lift some weights or get on to the treadmill. John Raglin, an Indiana University exercise psychologist, advises fitness enthusiasts to find new routines and ditch any exercise routines they’re sick off to get motivated.

4. Find Ample Time for Exercising

Sometimes finding time to exercise is a great challenge for people with busy schedules and many family responsibilities. If you’re too busy, try getting someone to do your household chores to get time to hit the gym. If your schedule is too tight, then focus on activities that allow you to move your body, such as walking, gardening, and biking.

5. Pair Up With a Fitness Enthusiast

Turn your exercising routine into a social interaction by pairing up with a fellow fitness enthusiast. You may often get tempted to hit the couch.

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But if you have an exercising partner, then such a partner may encourage you to hit the gym and give you the necessary motivation.

6. Get Some Intrinsic Motivation

Studies reveal that those who are motivated to exercise because of extrinsic factors like an upcoming wedding or reunion often fail to stick to their workout routine. People with intrinsic motivation, however, usually stick to their work out routine. Some examples of inherent motivations are understanding the health benefits of exercise and simply loving to work out. So find something to motivate you that isn’t linked to other people or external factors. 

7. Avoid Being a Drill Sergeant

Most of the time, half of the people who begin a workout routine often stop the program in the first year. It often happens because most of these people can’t uphold the boot-camp pace that they force upon themselves. To avoid such failures, work within your limits and increase your pace as your body strength grows.

8. Mind Your Diet

The quantity and quality of food you east should give you enough strength to power through your workout routine. Furthermore, it should help your body repair your muscles and replenish your strength. Ensure that you get a balanced diet and load up with enough calories.

9. Change Your Training Instructors

It’s always a good idea to work out with a gym instructor who encourages you to show up at the gym. This is especially great if you need help sticking to your regimen. But as time goes by, you’ll often get used to your workout partner, and you may back out from your routine.

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Family members and friends are also not good training partners because they can allow you to slack off. As such, always ask for a change in your training partner or instructor at the gym.

10. Ensure that the Gym You Use is Well-Equipped

Working out in an ill-equipped gym may cause accidents and injuries. The lack of equipment may also hinder you from engaging in some essential exercises. As such, ensure that your local gym is well-equipped before signing up or get enough funds to equip your home gym well.

11. Rest when Tired

Whether it’s between exercise changes or between days, it’s important to take a rest and give your body some ample time to get itself repaired. Rest will also help you to avoid getting a burnout.

12. Rest and Get Some Medical Care if You Get a Cold or Get Injured

If you get a cold or get an injury, then you should take a few days off to get well. Such breaks can’t ruin your routine. Instead, they grant your body time to get reinvigorated.

13. Make a Playlist for Your Routine

Most people that listen to their favorite music while exercising usually do their exercises with great intensity. Furthermore, they can perform these routines for a more extended period or with more reps than those who don’t listen to music.

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So, make a list with some of your adrenaline-boosting songs.

14. Keep Track of Your Workout Routine

Keeping a fitness journal using a booklet or an app designed for such a purpose can help you to determine whether you’re on track or not. The journal helps you to know whether you’re making the desired progress, which can help you meet your workout objectives.

15. Cool Down and Warm-Up

You should warm-up before your workout routine and cool down after an intense or fast-paced workout period. Warming up and stretching energizes you and makes your muscles ready for exercise. Cooling down after exercises energizes you and reduces your muscle soreness. As such, don’t forget to warm up and cool down when necessary.

16. Make it a habit

If your exercising routine develops into a healthy habit, then you won’t have to drag yourself to the gym.

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As such, you should make your workout routine a passion and hobby. Persistence will make your routine an enjoyable habit in the end.

17. Reward Your Effort and Hard Work

Most people indeed achieve their goals in any activity if they get the right incentives to motivate them. You can reward yourself with some shopping or a weekend out once you meet the workout goals set in your journal. For instance, if you lose a few pounds, you can reward yourself with a dessert at your favorite local restaurant.

18. Set Up a Home Gym If You Have No Gym Fees

Lack of your monthly gym fee may hinder you from engaging in your workout routine. But you can overcome this challenge by setting up a home gym in your garage to serve you during such times.

Workouts can be a bit intimidating for first-timers. But with these 18 insightful tips, you’re on the right path to a successful fitness plan. Also, remember to talk with your doctor and get some examination before starting out your workout plan.

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