21 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time at Home

This coronavirus pandemic is causing many governments around the world to issue lockdown orders. Some recommended their citizenry to at least self-quarantine at home to slow down its spread. It has already claimed over 272,000 lives at the time of this writing. Since you are likely to be one of those stuck at home during this pandemic, you may be wondering how you could best spend your time.

The following ideas should be productive.

1. Weed out the Inside of Your Home

In the event your whole house is messy, you may want to pace yourself and take on one room at a time. Additionally, clean out any “junk drawers” you have in certain pieces of furniture where you shove anything you don’t have a specified place for.

2. Literally “Weed out” Outside Your Home

If you’ve got a house with a yard and maybe even a garden, you can take this time of self-isolation to catch up on any weeding and landscaping work.

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For those who like gardening or planting flowers to spruce up the appearance of their home, if you’re going to have a pandemic anyway, the beginning of spring is an extremely convenient time for one.

3. Clean House

Now that you’ve gotten all that unwanted stuff out of your home, give it a good antiseptic cleaning. You’re going to be spending a lot of time here during this pandemic, so you may as well have a clean environment.

4. Tidy Up Your Car

Have you accumulated junk in your car? In the past months, you may not have the time to clean your car out. Today, however, you have the chance. Head out to your car with a trash bag in hand and a determination to rid your vehicle of everything you don’t actually use regularly.

5. Clean Your Car

Now that you’ve gotten all the junk out of your car, give it an actual cleaning. Fortunately, gas stations are considered essential businesses during these difficult times.

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They’ll have a car vacuum you can use. A good-sized sponge, some elbow grease, and your home hose will handle the outside.

6. Spruce up Your Home

Are there rooms that could use a paint job? Have your kitchen cabinets seen better days, and could they use a new wood finish or paint job? Now is the time to tackle any DIY home improvement projects that you’ve been putting off.

7. Declutter Your Computer

If you’re one of the 74 percent of Americans who have a desktop or laptop computer in your home, you’ll have time to clean it up. Do you have a ton of bookmarks in your web browser, and are many of them years old and not relevant? Does your computer have files or programs you no longer need or use? Now is the time to get everything on your computer consolidated.

8. Make up for Lost Time With Family

Many of us are so busy in our regular workaday lives that family can be neglected. Here’s your chance to make up for that.

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Play some board games or watch some family movies together on the big-screen TV. You may even try, just as an experiment, turning off your electronic devices and talking to them.

9. Get Back in Touch With People

You’re probably bored more often during self-isolation. Why not reach out to old friends? They’re probably just as bored as you are and will appreciate the outreach.

10. Go for a Walk or Run

As important as self-isolation is to slow the spread of the coronavirus, you can’t spend every moment indoors. You’ll probably go crazy if you try to. Talk a walk on a regular basis. If you’re in decent shape already, you may even want to make it a run. This you can do alone or with your significant other, so you’re not really endangering anyone.

11. Exercise at Home

No one wants to come out of their self-isolation looking like the fictional Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Do what you can to stay in shape. Beyond walking or running, you may want to do other home exercises. With many lay-offs thanks to this pandemic, these are financially tight times, but there are exercises that require no equipment.

12. Take an Online Class

Now would be an excellent time to learn something new. It could be a subject you simply find interesting.

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Alternatively, you could take a class in something related to work, so you’ll come out of this situation with something new to put on your resume.

13. Expand Your Culinary Skills

If cooking has never been one of your strengths, then this could be the time to change that. Start tuning into the Food Channel on TV and check out cooking channels on YouTube. Yes, YouTube is good for more than cat videos!

14. Catch up on Your Reading List

Many of us probably have a list of books we’d like to read if only we had the time. Well, here’s your chance. Start at the top of your reading list, find a comfortable chair to plant yourself in and have at it.

15. Watch a Good Documentary

In addition to a good book, there are plenty of good documentaries that have aired over the years that you might finally want to watch. You can Google current ones and also check out classic documentaries that may have aired a decade or more ago that you simply missed.

16. Explore New Music

Depending on what you do for a living, you may derive inspiration from music while doing it. This is particularly true for people in creative fields such as writing, painting or drawing.

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The right playlist can really provide that extra bit of motivation that makes the difference in how a creative project turns out.

17. Start a New Hobby

Have you been considering starting knitting or Needlepointing? Then why not do it! There’s no better time than now. Maybe you’ve dabbled in painting or drawing but want to take the time to bring your skills to the next level. You might prefer a relaxation hobby rather than a creative one. Taking up fishing or yoga might be your thing.

18. Learn to Cut Hair

In many states and localities, governments had instructed their people to avoid all non-essential businesses at the moment. In some states, such as New York, Governors have even ordered such businesses closed indefinitely. Learning to cut hair may be essential for you and your partner or family. Cutting each other’s hair may be the only way it’s going to get done right now.

19. Creative Drinking

Take the edge off the isolation by indulging your inner bartender. Try some drinks that are more complicated and exciting to spice up your routine.

20. Stay Connected

Even if you can’t visit friends and family during this pandemic, you should still stay in touch virtually. Give them a call. Send a text or an email. Ask how they’re doing, and let them know you’re alright. Make sure your isolation is only a reality in the strictly physical sense.

21. Plot a Course Correction for Your Life

Do you have some big change you’ve wanted to implement in your life but haven’t found the time to plan it? Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a business but were too busy. This particular goal may require some startup capital, but you could have other plans that only require the time to implement them.

There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Our lives may seem to be upside down at the moment, but realize that this will end. You may as well use this opportunity to do things you’ve needed to do for a while, never had the time for. Doing so could help you achieve some semblance of order in our current situation.

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