3 Reasons Why Dancing Is A Great Workout

Dancing is seen by many as entertainment, but it can also serve as a great workout. There are hundreds of different studies showing that dancing is good for both the body and mind. When you dance, your heart starts beating faster, your breathing speeds up and you make use of different muscle groups. Here are some more reasons why dancing is a true workout for the body, with positive side effects:


First of all, dancing reduces the risk of heart problems. The benefits are so positive, in fact, that dancing is more effective when it comes to lowering the risk of heart problems, than walking. This is due to the combination of intensive dancing, variation in the heartbeat and, last but not least, social contact.

If you like to take long walks, then consider dancing as well. Research among the over-sixties shows that those who dance are not only able to walk for longer, but they walk faster and are more agile.

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Besides the fact that dancing is, of course, a physical activity, it is also good for your brain. Not only do you have to be physically able to perform the dance steps, but you also have to remember the steps. You have to perform the steps in the right way and on the right beat of the music. So you have to combine many different aspects in order to dance successfully. This makes it good for both the body and mind.

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Finally, your body also produces the hormone endorphin. This is the same hormone that is created when you are doing a workout. Among runners, this is also known as a ‘runner’s high’. Not only do endorphins have an analgesic effect, they also make us feel happy and build a stronger bond with people around us.

You also see this, for example, when a dance group performs an act on stage. By dancing together, they don’t only connect with each other, but the enthusiasm radiates from them. Endorphins are a cause of this!

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