4 Tips to Boost Mental Strength

Everybody has those days when nothing goes the way they want it to. You miss the train, arrive late at work, the children are playing up and then you forget your groceries at the supermarket! In short: everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. During such days you can feel down in the dumps and just exhausted. To make you feel better during these horrible days, we will give you 4 tips to boost your mental strength!


It may sound strange, but by accepting that you sometimes feel bad, you become more powerful, mentally. A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology shows that people who accept their negative emotions, can cope better with the daily setbacks.

The research showed that people who accepted their negative emotions, were mentally healthier, six months later, than people who did not accept their emotions. It also showed that things like gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic status had nothing to do with it.

So accept that you sometimes feel bad. It’s just part of life!


Sleep has a major impact on both your physical and mental health. During sleep, your body recovers from the day before.

People who sleep too little get irritated faster, are more easily distracted and are more likely to suffer from depression. So stop watching television an hour earlier than usual and get to bed already!


Sport is also important for body and mind. It makes you feel better, both literally and figuratively. It makes your body look beautiful and healthy. This in turn has a positive influence on your self-image.

In addition, endorphins are released during sports. This is a chemical in the brain that makes you feel happy. So when you start exercising after a stressful day, you will feel satisfied, instead of irritated. That’s why sport makes you stronger, mentally.

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Nutrition is also a very important part of mental strength. It is important that your blood sugar level remains fairly constant. When your blood sugar level fluctuates a lot, your mood will fluctuate too.

Snacks such as candy, biscuits, cakes and crisps cause your blood sugar to skyrocket. This is not good for your mood. Eating nothing for a while also has an effect on your blood sugar level. It will shoot down, which also has a negative effect on your mood.

So it is important that you eat regularly and healthily to keep your mood up. You should, for example, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. This way you will feel stronger, mentally, and go through life with a smile on your face!

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