5 Things You Need to Know to Win Over Your Anxiety

Anxiety causes a variety of physical, emotional, and mental problems when the condition is not managed properly. It can trigger depression and stress.

Further more, anxiety could lead to physical health problems such as insomnia, headache, and heart disease. Consider doing these five things to overcome your condition.

Breathing Exercises Relieve Panic Attacks

One of the best ways to overcome your condition is to relax. It’s helpful to find a comfortable and quiet place to calm your nerves.

A short breathing exercise can ease your mind and decrease a rapid heartbeat. Take several deep breaths. Continue this breathing exercise for a minimum of five minutes.

Exercise Decreases Anxiety Levels

Exercise can decrease anxiety without taking medication. A short walk could improve your condition and provide several hours of relief.

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According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, people are 25% less likely to suffer from the condition when you add exercise to your daily or weekly routine.

Diet Affects Anxiety

According to Harvard University, nutrition affects your anxiety levels. Foods with high levels of magnesium, such as leafy greens and whole grains could help manage your condition.

Consider eating foods with zinc, such as beef and oysters, to manage your anxiety symptoms. In addition, it’s helpful to eat probiotic foods and nutrients with B vitamins.

Meditation Balances Emotions and Anxieties

Meditation originated in India thousands of years ago. This technique requires more focus than regular breathing. One of the best ways to meditate is to inhale for four counts and exhale for four counts.

To meditate, choose a quiet place where you could relax your mind. Some people meditate in the dark, while others prefer dim lighting. Many individuals require complete silence to concentrate on their breathing. Consider listening to meditation music or a guided meditation.

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There are seven major chakras or energy fields in the body. You’ll find the Solar Plexus chakra right above the belly button. It represents personal power. Consider focusing on this chakra point instead of all the energy fields.

Imagine a bright yellow ball of energy spinning in a circular motion as you continue to focus on your breathing during meditation. Think about using calcite crystals as part of your meditation ritual.

Many people use mindful meditation to balance their emotions. This technique focuses on thoughts. It also helps people process emotions. Focus on the thoughts in your body and imagine these negative emotions leaving your body.

Herbal Treatments Manage Your Symptoms

Herbal treatments are a safe alternative to prescription drugs such as Xanax to manage anxiety symptoms. You could take herbs as supplments or drink them as tea. These are inexpensive options and don’t require a prescription.


Chamomile is available in supplements and tea. The compounds in this herb provide similar benefits as Valium. A research study by the University of Pennsylvania found that anxiety levels of participants were reduced after taking chamomile.


Lavender is one of the best ways to manage your condition at home. The aroma of lavender produces a calming effect and reduces anxiety.

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One study found that lavender reduced the anxiety of dental patients in a waiting room.


Consider taking Valerian if your condition is keeping you up at night. This herb is approved as a treatment for insomnia in Germany. Most people take Valerian as a supplement because the herb produces a foul smell. Valerian is a sedative and should not be taken during the day.

There are many ways to manage your condition. Breathing exercises, meditation, and regular exercise decreases anxiety and helps people manage their emotions.

Medical research suggests that herbs such as chamomile and Valerian are effective ways to relieve it. It’s also helpful to maintain a healthy diet with high levels of magnesium, probiotics, and vitamin B nutrients.

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