5 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Partner

It may sound cliché, but communication is the key to the success of any healthy romantic relationship. We all have a deep desire for attachment and a sense of belonging. 

Excellent communication not only enhances our connection with others. It also promotes and boosts positive social interactions. Improvement of communication in relationships may mean a lot of things. But, most importantly, it enhances healthy expression of ideas as the other partner listens and absorbs entirely rendered information.

According to relationship experts, here are five ways to improve emotional communication with your partner and deepen the relationship.

1. Stop and Listen

Excellent communication is not all about talking. It is about active listening. An active listener will pay attention to what their partner is communicating. Typically, active listeners don’t develop defense mechanisms but seek to hear what their partners are saying. 

Active listening is an indicator of genuine interest and love. It involves non-verbal cues, paying attention to their thoughts, and lack of judgment.

Be patient when listening to your partner. Communication either grows or breaks relationships. When communicating with your lover, be sure to pause and listen to them. No matter the temptation to keep the floor to yourself, stop, and give your partner the chance to talk.

2. Share Your Experiences Daily

According to studies, love partners feel closer and connected when they talk about daily experiences. In a relationship, don’t just ask about mundane experiences. Speak about the pleasant moments you had together. Open and clear communication about past experiences and interests also improves intimacy between partners.

3. Be Open and Honest

Being in a healthy relationship is a step towards disclosing anything in your heart to your loved one. Therefore, it’s good to be straightforward and honest about how you feel. 

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While keeping your feeling hidden may work for a time, you will eventually reach a tipping point. And it could cause so many problems in your relationship. 

Don’t be afraid to open up and prove to your partner that you can be vulnerable, unashamed of feelings that you may be going through.

4. Pay Attention to Non-Verbal Cues

Non-verbal signs include facial expressions, body movements, eye contact, and posture. The tone and pitch of the voice are also part of non-verbal cues. While it may take a while to be familiar with your partner’s non-verbal cues, learning about them could be beneficial for your relationship. 

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Non-verbal language is helpful as it emphasizes what your partner is trying to say. It also regulates communication and conveys feedback to the other person, respectively.

5. Stay Focused

Arguments are inevitable in a healthy relationship. As partners, try your best to keep the discussion within the topic at hand. This is a genuine way of showing respect to each other. Do not bring past issues into your present discussion. Bringing up history to defend your present wrongs is a great hindrance to progress.

Effective communication is not just about huge gestures. It’s also about the small things that you do every day. As a couple, strive towards strengthening your relationship by being honest, open, and mindful. To improve communication, manage your emotions, be careful of how you interpret messages, and sharpen your listening skills.

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