5 Ways to Stick to Your Diet on a Date

Putting yourself on and then sticking to a diet is a very admirable thing that not everyone can do. It’s not easy either. Barring any health concerns due to dieting, there are only a few things worth sacrificing all the hard work you have put in. And it’s certainly not always a date. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t date while you are dieting (how sad would that be!) but it does mean that you need to be a little more careful than usual. See below for some of our best tips for dating while dieting! 

 1. Be the Planner

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You don’t always have to rely on your date to choose the restaurant. This can be extremely beneficial if you are trying to cut calories. You can have the power to choose the restaurant that caters best to your particular diet of choice.

 If your date insists on being the one to choose where you eat, no biggie. Just ask for the restaurant’s name and then check out their menu to see what is available for you.

 If you are comfortable with your date already, you can also cook for them! This puts you 100% in control of what and how you eat! It’s also much more thoughtful than going out, not to mention impressive. 

 2. Be Upfront

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You could try and beat around the bush with your date, but that might get tricky and lead to suspicion about hiding something. Consider actually telling your date that you are on a diet that you are determined to follow. It will show that you are not only honest. But also have willpower— two pretty good traits in a romantic partner, no?

 3. “Meal Prep”

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Nope, not that kind of meal prep. This meal prep is you literally preparing for the meal by having something nutritious to eat before the date. This way, you are less likely to go overboard on the date. You can also limit your snacking or meal portions for the day so that you can fully enjoy your meal. 

Also, always remember to eat slowly. Not because you might look like a pig, but because it takes up to 20 minutes for your brain to realize that your stomach is satisfied. Scarfing down your food is how you end up over-eating. 

 4. Order Smart

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Okay, so let’s say that you weren’t able to be the planner for the date. And the restaurant that was chosen isn’t the heaviest on healthy options or small portions. What to do now? 

Well, there are a few different options to look at here. First, suggest splitting a plate or even two. Your date might just think you are trying to be cute. But you know that this will help with portion control. Another great idea is to only eat half your meal and then ask for the rest in a doggie bag. 

Meal portions at many restaurants are ridiculously large, so it won’t look too out of the ordinary if you can’t finish it. 

 5. Change it Up

While a restaurant has become the most common (and easiest) of dates these days, remember that there are a TON of other options out there that do not involve eating at all. You could totally avoid even having to think about your diet on a date. Not only that, but depending on the time of year and where you live, you may even be able to turn your date into an excuse to get some exercise. 

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Just like dining out can be very intimate and leaves so much room for chatting and getting to know each other, so can a short walk in a park or even a hike somewhere. Or a leisurely bike ride. You can even continue on with the date afterward by grabbing something to eat. Just having gotten your heart pumping a bit should certainly be able to give you some leeway in what you can eat for the rest of the day. Goodbye guilt!

 Whatever you choose to do on your date to stick to your diet is entirely up to you. Even if you choose to do nothing about it and give yourself a cheat day, that’s okay too. 

What you must always remember, though. No romantic partner is worth giving up on your ambition and goals in life, whether that’s losing weight or something else less or more dramatic. Any relationship that begins in that way is doomed from the start. Always be you and always stick with it!

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