Five Easy Ways to Power Dress and Look Like a Six-Figure Earner

It seems that recently, anywhere you go, female executives, entrepreneurs, and founders are discussing the idea that power dressing can influence careers. As such, suits have morphed over the years from the uber-feminine to the more manly types. Ironically, the current trend is to rock a traditional “masculine” suit and make it become even more powerful by feminizing it.

Power dressing is a great tool for females in business because it builds confidence and demonstrates character. It is important for women to dress for the role they want in life. In its current cycle, it’s also a reflection of the political climate right now with regard to women. They are sounding their voices, standing strong, and making their feelings known.

To claim this power, women are no longer dressing like men, but rather utilizing femininity as a strength, and wearing suits with a softer, smoother feel.

So, how else does a woman power dress effectively in this new decade? Here are some pointers:

1. When in Doubt, use a Blazer

Blazers have been a go-to piece for at least a century, and for good reason. It does change silhouettes a bit over time, but it basically stays true to form.

Your iconic blazer will typically stay fashionable for years, if not decades, never really conforming to different trends or seasons. It does insinuate routine, but it also brings class and charm to an otherwise everyday outfit.

This wardrobe staple is also easily adjusted to different tastes, age ranges, and style preferences simply by adding different accessories.

2. Try a Wider Shoulder

The wider shoulder is very flattering and can make a prototype jacket appear even sharper than usual. The shape is similar to the yuppie look way back in the 1980s, which resembled an upside-down triangle. It’s large at the top and shrinks as it lowers to the feet.

3. Don’t be Afraid of Super Bold Prints and Colors

Cool prints and jewel or neon tones can give you that extra boost of confidence that you need with the eye-catching way in which they pop.

Also, when you are in a high-pressure situation such as a job interview or meeting, colors like red, orange, and yellow can help you to overcome depression, while shades of blue, lavender, and green can have a calming effect on you when you are in the midst of anxiety.

Strong patterns also help you to look and feel like a strong authority figure. Someone who knows their job and what they are talking about.

4. Be Traditional, yet Feminine

Power can come from mixing the conservative look with a hint of sexiness, without being too revealing. The idea is not to use your feminine wiles or your body to get ahead, but at the same time, never cover up the fact that you are a female.

You should personalize your business look. Sure, you can wear pinstripes, if they fit your personality and industry, but you have so many options out there as far as fabrics and cuts that you should wear what makes you specifically feel comfortable.

Designers have played to different bases recently by designing suits and officewear that caters to every industry and every woman’s unique tastes.

power dressSource: Shutterstock

There are shimmery suit types, seersucker, as well as those with wide pants, skinny pants, pencil skirts, and even mini and maxi skirts. Many of those are adorned with feminine trim and edges. There truly is something for every preference.

5. Experiment with Monotone Creations

A crisp, solid white suit is chic, straightforward, and authoritative. Or, try solid black out. It’s slimming, flattering to almost every figure, and it coordinates with every hair color and complexion.

Solid red symbolizes fire, power, and passion, and it’s perfect for the female businessperson, since she certainly is a force to be reckoned with. Pale hues show her soft side, while darker shades let all those around her know who is in charge.

In conclusion, wearing suits and power dressing are not empty gestures. Instead, they are symbols of liberation and transformation. Power dressing is like wearing armor. It is women’s way of saying that they still feel that the glass ceiling needs to be re-shattered, and they are not afraid to do it over and over again. It is a method for showing up and saying, “Look at me. I command respect.”

Probably most important of all, it is a way to fake it until you make it. In other words, if you are at the bottom of the corporate ladder, you can dress the part of the CEO, and you will exude the confidence of one. This will allow you to not only look competent but also act as such.

Power dressing can inspire you, cheer you up when you are down, motivate you, and provide you with the courage to overcome what may seem impossible at the time. As such, you should aspire to the style of your role models and dress for success!

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