How to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed When Setting Goals

Sometimes, when we plan our lives and set goals, we become overwhelmed with the many things we want to accomplish. It doesn’t always have to be this way. 

If You’re Overwhelmed, There Are Ways to Cope

One of the most alluring parts of life can also be the most dismantling part. Setting goals and accomplishing your dreams is the most magical feeling in life. But you shouldn’t drag yourself down and those around you to shamefully find success. 

If you’re overwhelmed by this aspect of life, it’s time to find a realistic way to cope with anxiety. Don’t let anxiety control you. Find a way to release that energy. Otherwise, you will have a traumatic time in life. 

Understanding Why It’s Important to Set Clear, Attainable Goals

Are you having trouble understanding how to set clear goals that you will be able to achieve? Shannah Freeman wrote an interesting article that is worth reading. To feel confident about your life, you should try to accomplish goals that you set out to achieve. 

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If you’re always dreaming up impossible goals for yourself, you’ll never feel amped about the choices you’ve made in your life. In her article, Shannah Freeman mentions a supercharged acronym to point you in the right direction with your goal setting. 

The word “SMART” stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. If you keep “SMART” goals, you will feel an uncontrollable sense of achievement.

Motivating Yourself to Achieve Goals by Envisioning the Future & Rewarding Yourself

Motivation #1: Write About the People Who Inspire You

In an outstanding article from Caroline Jalango, you’ll discover how to inspire yourself by engaging with your vision of success in other people. Jalango advises people to consider what makes each person inspirational to us, and we should actually reach out to each individual to feel a powerhouse of motivation.

Motivation #2: Simple Rewards Along the Way

Even though you might consider the result to be the most undeniable reward, you’ll feel a sense of motivation when you present yourself with thoughtful rewards along the way to greatness. You could reward yourself with tasty treats. But don’t forget about exercise and healthy living. Give yourself the bonus of going for a walk with an old friend when you take a step along your journey.

Motivation #3: Make Adjustments to Your Focus to Find New Motivation

Another tip from Caroline Jalango involves adjusting your focus in life. If you find yourself getting stuck on one aspect of life, take note of what you are focusing upon.

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Make adjustments to zone in on the positive outcomes to find awe-inspiring motivation in life.

Getting Rid of Stress to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

Advice from Nancy Marmalejo comes through in this article from a career coach. When you find yourself struggling to achieve any sizable goal, you might want to fight to meet the desired outcome. However, painful pushing isn’t always the answer. You might need to step back for a few days to rest and find a solution for feeling overwhelmed.

When the Going Gets Tough

Don’t give up on reaching your goals. If something seems unattainable right now, you might have set a significant goal that requires massive steps. Find a way to break down your huge goals into tiny, attainable objectives. This way, they will be easier to achieve without feeling worn-down. 

If stress triggers begin to set in, you will have genuine motivational cues to help stay calm. Focus on what you will gain when you achieve your goals. Give yourself incentives along your journey. When you alleviate stressful triggers, you open up exciting pathways for exploring how to achieve your goals. 

Remember, life isn’t always about getting to the finish line. Sometimes, it’s the journey that matters most. Soon, you will realize that you’re almost there —about to achieve your goals— without feeling overwhelmed.

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