How to Have More Space in Your Closets

Like most of us, you probably appreciate some aspects of your home more than others, and some parts may be a bit of a letdown. If your closet space is at a premium, this can make it challenging to store all of your clothes in a manner that facilitates quick access. One solution might be to get an extra dresser for your bedroom to help augment a lack of closet space. That being said, maybe your bedroom isn’t that big either.

Don’t give up hope when it seems like there’s no way your closet fits all you need. There are ways to take maximum advantage of the available space you do have.

Weed Out What You Don’t Need Anymore  

The most obvious first step in opening up the space you need for your clothes, shoes and other items is to weed out and get rid of what you haven’t been using. Some recommend following a one-year rule to decide what to get rid of or at least store in a less accessible location.

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If you haven’t worn the clothes or shoes in a year, you’re probably not going to. Before you begin this process, be sure to have boxes or bags handy to put clothes in that you plan to donate or throw away.

Sometimes, it won’t be a simple choice of donating or throwing away some things. You may have clothes that fit, but you only wear them during special occasions, so you don’t need them taking up closet space that you want to reserve for day-to-day use items.

You can get a shallow plastic storage bin that will fit under your bed for some shoes or clothes that you want to keep but really don’t use that often. This is also a handy tip for getting clothes that are out-of-season out of the way of those you’ll actually be wearing over the next few months.

Utilize Containers or Shelving That Maximize Your Vertical Space

While even the smallest closets will have limited depth and width, some make full use of vertical space. They usually still go all the way up to the ceiling. You should use this vertical space. All of us have clothes that hang lower toward the floor off the hanging rod, and some hang higher.

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You should put all of your lower hanging clothes on one side of your closet. This will enable you to fit vertical shelving or stacking drawers under the side with the clothes that don’t hang so far down. You may even be able to fit a piece of furniture, such as a small chest of drawers.

Use the Floor Space

Even under the part of your closet with low hanging clothes, there will still be some floor space underneath. You won’t be able to fit shelving or containers that stack too high here, but you could fit a small two-level shoe shelf. Your floor is also the place to store a small step stool to help you with our next suggestion.

Take Advantage of the Upper Shelf

The top shelf in a closet is a great place for things you use less often than the clothes you have hanging in your closet, but more often than those you have tucked under your bed in a storage bin.

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This is a good place to put non-clothing items such as folded towels, blankets, and storage containers of random items.

Don’t Forget to Use the Doors!

 Especially if closet space is at a premium, don’t neglect to take advantage of the backside of the door. 

Add Another Hanging Rod

Remember when we said you should separate the clothes hanging in your closet by putting those that hang low to one side? In a previous tip, we said this frees up room to put a vertical stacking storage solution under those clothes that don’t hang low. There’s another approach, however, and that is to have two hanging rods on one side of your closet. By having one rod above another, you’ve basically doubled your storage capacity for shorter pieces of clothing.

Make Your Closet Fit Your Needs

Most of us will have many closets throughout our home. Whether it’s your kitchen pantry closet, a closet in the foyer, or your master bedroom closet, you may find its size less than desirable. With a little organization and creativity, you can squeeze every cubic inch of room out of any closet in your home.

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