How to Manifest Love, Happiness, & Fortune Through Crystals

Manifesting a life filled with love, happiness, and fortune with the support of crystals isn’t something new. People around the world have been doing it for thousands of years.

Manifestation through crystals isn’t difficult to do. You don’t need special skills or talent for it. However, you’ll need to understand how crystals work and learn the principles of crystal healing.

This guide aims to give you a better understanding of crystal healing and how you can use it to manifest the life you want to live.

What Is Manifesting?

Manifesting is an ongoing process of attracting what you want to achieve in life. Anybody has the ability to manifest their desires, whether that is health, love, peace of mind, happiness, and fortune.
Manifestation is a practice that you must practice regularly. To do so, follow the process of manifesting, which includes desire, believe, connect, and expect.

  • Channel your desire to live the life you want to live.
  • Eliminate any negative beliefs and start believing in your potential.
  • Connect with your emotions and the energy that surrounds you.
  • As you learn to get rid of behaviors that cause us to sabotage ourselves, you start to expect and get positive results.

Utilizing crystals helps you get rid of doubts and attract positive energy that surrounds us. In addition, crystal manifestation rituals, along with mindfulness and affirmation help you achieve your life goals.

How Do Crystals Help in Manifestation?

Everything in this world resonates and have unique frequencies. The job of crystals is to connect those frequencies. Crystals absorb, hold, and radiate energy, making them perfect tools for manifestation.

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During crystal meditation:

  • Hold the crystal in your hands and feel the energy that is radiating through your chakras.
  • Feel the energy as you connect with your higher, inner self. Your higher self is considered the all-powerful, wise, and all-knowing part of your being.
  • Welcome and embrace your higher self.

While meditating, focus your attention on what it is you wish to manifest. Be clear about your intentions. Without focused intention, manifesting cannot work.

When saying your manifestation, consider saying it as if you’ve already achieved it. For example, instead of saying ” I want more money,” say “I am sufficient and have the resources I need for a happy and prosperous life.”

What Crystals Do You Need?

Using the correct crystals for manifesting your intentions is essential. Here are some crystals you could use for some of your life goals


Manifesting love is not trying to make someone love you.

To attract love, you must radiate love unto the world. Many people don’t receive love, because they don’t love themselves.

rose quartz crystals for love manifestationSource: Shutterstock

Crystals for attracting love need to magnify the energy of the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz and Emerald are crystals known for their tender, passionate, nurturing, and emotional healing energies. Additionally, rose quartz symbolizes compassion and unconditional love. To manifest love, these crystals are some of the best options to have.


To manifest happiness, use Blue Lace Agate to provide you with the tranquil energy you wish.

Lepidolite is another crystal that supports anxiety and stress relief. It could support you in surrounding yourself with positive and harmonious energy to approach life.


Fortune does not always come easy, but there are two unique crystals that you could use for manifestation.

Citrine is a crystal of joy, fortune, and optimism. Also called The Merchant’s Stone, it harnesses the energy of the sun, and assists in achieving wealth and abundance. With Citrine, you will approach issues and challenges with a more positive mindset. Jade is also a must-have crystal to add to your collection when wishing to attract more success and good fortune.

The Master Crystal
clear quartz crystalsSource: Shutterstock
Clear quartz amplifies the energy of other crystals

Quartz is a must-have crystal when manifesting anything and everything you wish to have. It generates, absorbs, and amplifies energy.

Quartz symbolizes inner growth and connecting with our consciousness.
When used during meditation, this crystal could soothe your mind and deepen your meditation.

Crystals absorb negative and positive energy. Make sure to cleanse and charge your newly bought crystals with positive energy.

Although healing crystals have been used for manifestation for many years, some people are just now beginning to learn about them. When using crystals to manifest your goals, remember that they will amplify any energy you put out into the world.

Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings. When you are positive, the crystals will amplify your positivity. They will do the same when you are being negative and you wouldn’t want that.

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