How to Stay Safe on Dating Apps and Find THE ONE

Today, many people are using dating apps to find “the one.” Unfortunately, the use of dating apps comes with its own safety risks.

There are also many flaws with the nature of dating apps that make them more challenging to find your future partner.

Here are some ways to stay safe while finding “the one” on dating apps.

Tell Your Loved Ones About Your Meetup

Before you meet someone from a dating app, be sure to tell your family or a friend where you are going, what your intentions are, and who you are meeting up with.

There is always some level of risk when it comes to meeting up with a stranger—especially one who you meet online. Make sure to inform at least one friend or a family member of your plans.

It would also be a great idea to let them know that you will be getting in touch when you get home safely. And if they don’t hear from you after a specified time, they should start looking for you.

Don’t Tell Too Much About Yourself

When you use a dating app, don’t tell too much about yourself. This is not to say that you should lie about who you are. However, do not disclose sensitive information such as your address, where you go to school, your work address, or any financial details. Do not say too much about your daily routine either such as where you are at certain times.

Meet Up in a Safe Place

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When meeting up with a stranger, make sure to meet the person in a well-lit, public place during the daytime where there are cameras around. Having them on camera gives you peace of mind that there may be less of a chance of them doing something terrible to you. If anything happens, you could ask for a copy of the CCTV footage for evidence.

Learn About Their Interests and Hobbies

Think about looking into the other person’s activities and behavior. A hobby or interest can really clue you into someone’s personality and let you know if you’re a good match.

Their interests and hobbies may not be aligned with your interests or even lifestyle. This could be a concern in the long run. They could be amazing, but if their interests and values doesn’t match with yours, you may eventually have disagreements.

If that’s the case, let them go. You shouldn’t force yourself to like something that doesn’t completely jive with who you are.

Think About What Might Be Hidden in Pictures

It is a sad fact that some people pretend to be someone they’re not online and on dating apps.

When looking at someone’s profile, try to discern whether it seems like the person is hiding something. For example, check how many pictures of themselves they have posted on their profile. Are all the photos heavily edited? Do they only have pictures of themselves from a certain angle?

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You may be looking at a catfish, and you should take this as a sign to stay away.

Many people say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. And that’s true. However, when it comes to online dating, you could never be too careful. You should perform due diligence.  Pay attention to how people present themselves and the ways that they hide certain parts of themselves.

Check Their Social Media Profiles

Check the person’s social media profiles to make sure that they are real people with real stories. If they have a solid online presence —especially one that trails back many years, then that’s one less thing you have to think about.

Sometimes, looking at a person’s online presence could be seen as “stalking.” However, there is nothing wrong with making sure the person you are going to meet is exactly who they say they are.

You can stay safe while finding “the one” on dating apps by not getting swayed by words and pictures easily. Take that extra step of precaution. Do a simple background check. Additionally, don’t take your intuition for granted. If you feel that something isn’t right, then something probably isn’t right. It might be best not to continue with the meetup.

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