Reasons to Have Indoor Plants in Your Office

Over the past few years, indoor plants have become popular due to the numerous benefits they bring. Indoor plants do not beautify the office only, but they also host many health benefits. In most cases, equipping your office with an indoor plant is the easiest way efficient way to bring nature into your office. Below are some benefits of providing your office with leafy friends.

Improve your health

Plants help reduce sick days due to toxins present in the work environment. Generally, plants play a vital role in filtering toxins present in a room, freshening up the place in the process.

Improve health

If you have a poorly ventilated office, the high chances are that you are going to suffer from sick building syndrome that will affect your productivity. The symptoms of this condition include nausea, headaches, flu-like symptoms, and lack of concentration. However, even though plants alone cannot help fix these problems, they can help alleviate the issue a bit.

To freshen the air within the office, try and spice up your office with Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lilies, and Spider Plants. All these indoor plants act as air purifies by eradicating harmful indoor air pollutants such as pollen carbon monoxide and ammonia.

Increase productivity

Unfortunately, working places with zero decors tend to be the most toxic working environment for people. According to Dr. Chris Knight, a psychologist at Exeter University, workers perform better when offices have indoor plants. After delving into researching this notion for ten years, Dr. Chris and his team claimed that employees are 15% more industrious when decor and indoor plants are present.

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The reason is that workers who are engrossed with their environment tend to have an easy time accomplishing their goal by remaining focused. Try eye-catching varieties such as the Red-Edge Dracaena, Zebra Plant, and Bamboo Plant to spruce up an office.

Increases creativity

Being surrounded by nature is one way of increasing creativity. Whether you are stuck or out of ideas, having office plants at your disposal can inspire. Most office plants have a vibrant smell and bright color that ensures that they positively affect your creativity.

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Remember, motivating our senses can help open up the flow of ideas, and a glimpse of the flower’s smell can trigger this stimulation. Try equipping your office with Chamaedorea Elegans, Cypress Vine, or Hens and Chicks as these office plants have a lovely scent and are eye-catching.

Help reduce stress

Even though you love and adore your place of work, sometimes you cannot evade stress. Most offices have indoor plants as they help reduce the stress level among the employees. According to a UTS study conducted in 2010, most offices that had indoor plants showed a 37% and 58% decrease in anxiety and depression, respectively.

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The studies also claimed that some plants lowered workers’ blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory problems by approximately 40%. Since some indoor plants have a soothing effect on workers, try to keep potted plants like the Desert Gem and Pincushion Cactus.

Indoor plants help reduce energy usage

Plants increase the humidity levels of a room when they breathe. Equipping your office with a few plants inside can reduce the room temperature by 10° or more. If used effectively, this can lower the energy usage needed to operate air conditioners to cool a building.

To maximize this effect and enjoy less energy usage, try out some large office plants such as the Pavos Plant. Its good to note that this might not be an all-in-all solution to minimize energy usage, but it will play a significant role in offering an eco-friendly path.

They can offer pretty office decors

Nothing draws much attention, like having a lovely plant at the top of your desk or your office’s entrance. Most office plants need less attention; they don’t require much fertilizing, trimming, or watering, unlike garden plants. You can also place these plants on decorative containers to create terrariums, beautifying your office in the process.

Enhance comfort

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Exposing your eyes to natural greenery activates comfort in your brain. Just like going for a nature walk clears your mind, equipping your office with office plants creates a serene environment that is comfortable to be in.

They are best for decorating vignettes

Styling mantels and bookshelves using small decorative items always brings out a fantastic look. However, if you have too many decorated items in a row, it can shift the outlook to a thrift store assortment instead of an office.

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With the help of small office plants, you can obtain the perfect vision you want as they take the shelves’ ideal shape.

These are among the few ways that indoor plants can boost employee creativity, productivity, and overall health. Plants play a significant role in the general feeling of human beings by making people happy and boosting their confidence. Create your collection of indoor plants today and discover the numerous ways they can benefit you.

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