The Secret to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions: everyone seems to have one, but few seem to go through them. In fact, The University of Scranton found that 77% of people only keep their resolutions for one week in total! 

If you find yourself among this group every year, you’ll be happy to learn that there are a few key ways to keep those resolutions going all year long!

1. Get Specific

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The most common New Year’s resolutions individuals make every year include losing weight, exercising more, and taking better care of themselves. The problem with these resolutions? They are incredibly vague and do not set you up for success. 

When your goal is too big, it becomes very easy to say that it is difficult to achieve. Instead, get very specific with your resolution. 

Is your goal to lose 5 pounds? Exercise for 30 minutes a day? Cut down on your caffeine intake by 1 cup? Add a number to your goal to make it crystal clear and easy to achieve!

2. Prepare Yourself

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Planning helps with many areas of life, school, work, vacation…and New Year’s resolutions! 

People from all generations blame a lack of willpower as to why they cannot follow through with their resolutions. To increase your willpower, hold yourself accountable. 

Write an outline of how you will follow your resolution with specific steps to follow. It doesn’t have to be all serious, though — reward yourself for achieving your tasks every day in little ways. For instance, if you meet every goal you set for a week, treat yourself to a movie outing with a friend, or go ahead and purchase that new top you wanted!

3. Get Your Friends Involved

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Everything is more fun with a buddy by your side. Consider getting your friends in on your resolution with you. If you want to exercise more, ask a friend if they’d be willing to join you on a trip to the gym or for a long walk outside.

If none of your friends have the same resolution as you, ask them to be your support system and ask for their encouragement when you need it. For example, ask a good friend to check on your progress by sending you a daily text or giving you a ring every day.

4. Remember Why You Started

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If you find yourself slipping up or finding reasons to give up on your New Year’s resolution, you can ground yourself by remembering why you picked the resolution in the first place. If your resolution was to get more exercise in, remember why you want to get more exercise. Is it because you feel tired all the time? You find yourself running out of breath with the most straightforward task?

Your resolution should work for you and your self-betterment, and reflecting on why you want to change an aspect of your life should give you the motivation you need.

5. Have Fun with It!

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But don’t get yourself down if you do slip up! Your resolution is for you and you only. If you feel that you are not having fun with your resolution, consider altering it in a way that could better suit you. For instance, if getting more exercise is your goal and you’re getting bored of going to the gym, switch it up by going for a bike ride or a nice swim!

Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks to sticking to your resolutions and keeping them fun. Let next year make you the best you yet by following the steps above!

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