The Top Five Productivity Hacks to Make Your Mondays Less Stressful

It’s Time To Change Your Monday Morning

If you dread Monday mornings, you’re not alone. Many people feel a sense of dread as Sunday evening approaches and the weekend winds to a close.

However, spending every Sunday night and Monday morning in a negative mindset is no way to start the week — or go through life. If you want to improve your productivity and start feeling happier, it’s time to ditch some bad habits and change your Mondays for good.

1. Ensure That You Fully Disengage During The Weekend

When we think of highly successful people, we often mistakenly picture a person who is in “go mode” every hour of the day and every day of the week. While it might be an admirable image, there’s no truth to it. 

The most successful people understand the importance of rest and relaxation. Even the most productive people in the world know that they aren’t robots. They recognize that they can’t always be “on.”

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To increase your productivity during the workweek, spend your weekends genuinely relaxing and recharging. Don’t obsess about the office or spend your time trying to get a head-start on the next week’s workload. Use Friday evening and Saturday to unwind and allow your proverbial batteries to recharge. 

The world’s leading CEOs and entrepreneurs understand the importance of recharging. This is why they prioritize their hobbies and other relaxing activities, despite the inherent pressure of their jobs and demanding lifestyle.

2. Wake With The Sun

Truthfully, this hack isn’t specific to just Mondays. Maximize your full potential by rising with the sun every day. However, there’s something especially significant about waking with the sun on a Monday morning. 

The way you wake up on a Monday morning has the potential to set the tone for the entire workweek. If you oversleep on Monday and start your morning chaotically, it stands to reason that you’ll carry that energy with you for the rest of the week.

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If the idea of waking with the sun sounds utterly impossible to you, you’re not alone. Plenty of affirmed night owls balk at the thought of becoming early risers. However, it truly has the potential to transform your life both personally and professionally. 

The first month of waking up early might take a lot of discipline. But if you stick to it, it’ll become easier. If you really struggle with falling asleep at a reasonable hour, talk to your doctor about improving your sleep routine. Depending on your nighttime habits and lifestyle, your doctor may provide medicine or suggest a holistic approach.

3. It’s Time To Finally Start Meditating

Are you committed to personal improvement and do you follow motivational blogs and speakers? If so, it won’t be the first time you’ve heard that meditation could improve your overall productivity. 

Not sure if meditation is for you? We get it. The idea of sitting cross-legged while chanting “om” is a tad corny — if not weird. But there are different ways to meditate. There’s bound to be one that suits your personality and preferences. 

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For some people, using a guided app help their sessions to be more fulfilling. For others, meditation is as simple as sitting alone with their thoughts for five minutes. Regardless of the type of meditation you choose, you’re sure to see big improvements to your professional output and your overall morale. 

Can’t commit to meditating daily? You don’t have to! You could do it once a week, during the evening, or in the morning. The important thing is to decide when you’re going to meditate, how often you’re going to do it, and stick to it. 

You could start with a five-minute meditation every Monday. If you commit to this, there’s a chance that you’ll genuinely want to make it a daily ritual.

4. Spend The First Hour Planning

When you arrive back at the office on Monday morning, you might frequently feel a vague sense of anxiety and a foreboding sense of worry. You remember the fires that you had to put out the week before. Furthermore, you remember the annoying little tasks that weren’t completed and have now spilled over into the new workweek.

Don’t sit down at your desk at the start of a new week and immediately jump into attack mode. Instead, take the first hour of a new work week to review and plan

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Review what tasks and obligations have followed you into this new week from the week prior. Plan how you’d ideally like to make the most of your time in the week ahead. Don’t make the mistake of using this hour to worry or let your mind anxiously wander about how things could go wrong. Instead, calmly and rationally create a to-do list of what you’d like to accomplish between now and Friday.

5. Be Mindful of Your Anxiety Levels

If you eavesdrop on a table of young professionals in any major metropolitan enjoying a Sunday brunch, you’re likely to hear them lament the “Sunday scaries.” It’s the awful feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize that the weekend is about to end and that it’s time to go back to your daily grind.

Unfortunately, curbing anxiety isn’t as simple as snapping your fingers and suddenly feeling calm and centered. We’ve written extensively about how anxiety can hurt you both professionally and personally, in addition to the tips and techniques you can use to stop it in its tracks.

Ultimately, preventing anxiety on Sunday evening or Monday morning is about avoiding common triggers that cause anxiety levels to spike. 

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If you spend your weekend drinking beer and eating junk food, it’s no wonder you feel glum on a Monday. While it’s okay to have a little fun on a Friday night, make sure to include meditation, healthy eating and exercise a part of your daily routine, even on Saturday.

You’re never going to completely avoid stressful situations at work, even if you’re committed to proper time management, mindfulness, and planning. However, improving your productivity and happiness isn’t about trying to banish stress from your life forever. It’s about learning how to anticipate it and cope with it in healthy ways.

Take Charge of Mondays and Take Charge of Your Life

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Remember, the way you start your week has a significant impact on how the week will unfold. Even if you’re dreading some meetings or tasks during the week, don’t let yourself be consumed by worry and anxious thoughts. They won’t do anything to improve your situation. 

Practice habits that set you up for success and never be afraid to pause and regroup when confronted with a difficult situation or a challenge. While changing your habits for the better can be challenging, it’s one of the best ways to improve your life both at the office and at home.

Commit to starting your Mondays the right way. And you’ll see positive changes as you progress in your productivity and self-improvement journey.

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