Time Management Hack: Making the Most of Your Work Day

Proper time management guides us in ensuring every job is carried out to the expected quality levels. With multiple tasks to be handled, having proper time management is a critical skill that we all should possess. You have found yourself, in most cases, with several tasks to handle but without a plan guiding your activities. Thus, you end up completing none of the tasks as initially planned.

In case you have found yourself in such a situation, this is the moment to acquire the necessary guidelines to help you manage your time. The skills will enable you to handle more tasks in a day, achieve better quality, and even have free time. You can achieve time management skills by observing several guidelines:

To-Do List

Understanding what you need to carry out for the day is crucial. The Journal for Studies in Management and Planning suggests developing a proper to-do-list as the first step to effective time management. The list outlines all the tasks required for the day.

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This list will help you to plan the time accordingly, depending on the size and complication of the tasks. You are to divide the total time of the day you intend to use for handling the work among the tasks. The list enables you to award enough time for every assignment, depending on its scope and urgency.

Set Priority

Tasks are hardly equal. It depends on the workload and concentration required for their implementation. According to HHS Public access, it is crucial to define tasks depending on priority. You may want to start with those that are needed first or those that are time-consuming and may require a fresh mind and much focus.

Such an organization will assist in ensuring that the day is well organized and assist in creating ample leisure time. For example, you can achieve this by organizing tasks in an alternating manner where simple and more relaxing ones follow complicated tasks.

Develop a Plan

With the list ready and the priorities highlighted, you need to develop a plan to guide your activities through time limits as per activity, as suggested by the Journal for Studies in Management and Planning. This time allocation will ensure that every activity is well-considered and sufficient time is allocated to it. The guide ensures that one activity does not eat into the time of another.

Focus on One Task at a Time

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As you carry out the different tasks of the day, a journal by Bryant University explains that confusion may arise if you realize that you are running out of time. This confusion may push you to start considering and thinking about other tasks even though you are still handling the previous one. As a result, you may slow down and produce poor quality in your work. To ensure proper completion of all set-out tasks, always focus on the current activity until its end.

Avoid Perfection

The effort and intention to always achieve very high qualities can sometimes be a severe weakness that may cause serious delays. Before you begin to carry out a specific task, you should set the target of the quality you expect to achieve. Once you reach the goal, avoid investing any more time into the said task to prevent delays.


It is healthy always to take a break or carry out a simple physical activity, which helps rejuvenate your energy and ability to concentrate. Remember not to overburden yourself with the tasks, which may compromise your ability to carry out the final tasks effectively. It is advisable to fix simple breaks in between the assignments, which will allow you to start every work with new energy.

Conduct Review and Assessment

This is the personal evaluation of time management that you should frequently carry out to ensure that you stick to the timeline. You should always pause and determine how effective you have been in following the time limits you outlined at the beginning. According to research on tips and tricks for managing time, it is essential to carry out self-evaluation daily to ensure you complete tasks within the set timeline.

Avoid Procrastination

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According to research by Semantic Scholar, procrastination happens when you may encounter some difficulty in completing a task. You then consider carrying out a different assignment and move this specific one later.

In case you find difficulties in all the tasks, you are likely to be in a quagmire and complete none of them. No matter the challenge, remember to observe the plan and the priorities to enhance time management.

Time management is a crucial element that will empower us all in achieving our set goals. Once effectively carried out severally, the acquired skills will assist you in attaining the personal growth and development set out.

For you to achieve any set goals today or in the future, time management plays a crucial role in making it a success. You can begin by setting out your own time management guidelines. Implement them in a single task to evaluate your progress and eventually use them for all your tasks for a day, week, or month.

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